Generating Screw Machined Products

Understanding the specific requirements of the customer and providing a technical staff to research and meet those requirements are fundamental to generating screw machined products. Equipped with a number of Davenport Model B screw machines, the seasoned company will quote orders of 50,000 pieces or more in an array of sizes, shapes and materials.

Round diameters are made from 3/32" to 7/8"; hex shapes cover 3/32" to 11/16"; and squares from 3/32" to 9/16" can be produced. Lengths from 0.030" to 1-1/2" can be accommodated, depending on configuration. Parts to 2-1/2" can be handled with no end work on one side. Tolerances are within 0.002" in typical applications.

Brass, aluminum, steel, stainless steel and bronze material are used to manufacture parts for the medical industry, cosmetic components, fasteners, electronic components, automotive parts and precision products for most other industries.

An experienced shop includes extensive tooling and machining capabilities that can eliminate many costly secondary operations. A full assortment of attachments allows for milling, cross drilling, cross tapping, broaching and slotting.

It is suggested that early involvement with the customer can yield a valuable technical partnership for future activities. By sending a print of the part, a discussion of the job specifics can result.

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