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Sensors Manufacturer Increases Calibration Testing Capacity

New Machine Boosts Capacity to 130,000 Pounds in Tension and Compression

Custom Sensors

IRVINE, Calif.--FUTEK Advanced Sensor Technology, Inc., recently announced the addition of a new custom-designed INSTRON Model 600LX Hydraulic Testing Machine to its A2LA 17025-certified calibration department. According to the company, the addition will increase FUTEK's testing capacity to 130,000 lbs (58,967 kgs, 578KN) for both tension and compression in a single test space design. As a result, FUTEK technicians can fixture once and test in both tension and compression--a procedure known as "fixture once, test once."

The maximum test, or ram speed is 3 inches (76mm) per minute with integrated controls and data acquisition signal processing. The test envelope dimensions of the machine are 24 inches (610mm) between columns and a custom-designed 61.25 inches (1556mm) between the hydraulically driven crosshead and load piston. Futek says that the addition will increase its calibration department's capabilities by 155%, positioning the firm as one of the major calibration houses in Southern California for accuracy and speed of service.

The system uses a custom-designed dual bridge, high-accuracy independent strain gage load cell for measuring the applied test force. Channel 1 is a closed loop with the internal system; the second channel is mated with a high-resolution 100,000-count display from BLH. Independence from the machine's hydraulic unit is said to remove any error due to ram friction that may exist. It also allows for deadweight calibration of the load cell, which in turn improves the accuracy. According to the company, this yields favorable results concerning linearity, repeatability, and an overall expanded uncertainty of 0.037%.

The hydraulic actuator has a working stroke of 12 inches (305mm) with an anti-rotation device, and the two uprights are a custom design with an additional two feet of stroke. The hydraulically driven crosshead has hydraulic actuated locks. Futek says that the programming software will allow the company to write and develop custom calibration programs for individual customer units and OEM accounts, a capability that will decrease the per-unit calibration time.

According to Futek, other plans for expanding the company's calibration department "are on the drawing board" and expected to be implemented soon.

This technical information has been contributed by
Futek Advanced Sensor Technology, Inc.

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