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Massachusetts SMA Manufacturer Expands to Accommodate Steady Growth

Surface Mount Technology

Crediting consistent growth from a diversified customer base, Distron Corp. in Attleboro Falls, Mass., recently expanded its facility by adding 12,500 square feet of work space to increase surface mount technology (SMT) output and accommodate a new electro-mechanical assembly area that has allowed the company to double SMT production output to more than 80,000 placements per hour.

Distron,, a provider of surface mount assemblies with a focus on serving small to medium-sized OEMs, added a third surface mount assembly line, $1 million in capital equipment, and expanded its electro-mechanical assembly area. The new electro-mechanical work center is organized into flexible lean manufacturing cells that are designed to support a specific product or customer. Each cell can be reconfigured, adapting to changing customer demand. All cells are operated by IPC610 trained staff and supported by electro-mechanical engineers.

The added space will reduce travel time and improve product flow. Distron purchased a third high-speed SMT line to increase production output and improve overall product quality. Major components of the new line include a DEK Horizon fully automated, in-line screen printer; MyData 100 DX SMT placement machines with dual heads; an RoHS certified Heller 1809 EXL reflow oven; and a YESTech F1 AOI yield enhancement system.

Growth in the LED lighting, medical, and clean tech industries in Massachusetts necessitated the expansion, said Distron Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Don Petry. One of Distron's large LED lighting customers is "extremely busy" and has turned to Distron for high-brightness HB-LEDs because the engineering team understands the thermal management challenges and has the necessary custom fixturing and existing tooling for the handling and placement of HB-LEDs, Petry said.

On the medical side, Distron has a customer that does a box build for a sports medicine product used in the Olympics. "We wanted to build in the capacity for our customers," Petry said. "So now we're integrating circuit boards, cable assemblies, hardware, and then packaging. We put the whole thing together, and that provides a lot of value-added benefits for the customer."

For the clean-tech industry, Distron works with mostly solar and wind customers, providing assembly and manufacturing for solar powered lighting devices, restroom hand dryers, sonic wind profilers, and wind farm operations management products.

Growth has been strong in the area of surface mount technology, Petry said, adding that diversification has been the key to the company's overall growth. "I think much of our success is [because] we're in a lot of different industries. We diversify ourselves by having customers who have a lot of different products or are in many of different industries. We make a conscious effort to have a variety of customers in medical, military, industrial, and emerging markets, like clean tech and lighting," he said.

This technical information has been contributed by
Distron Corporation

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