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Precision Coil Springs and Formed Wire Products

Springs Wire Forms

Manufacturing precision coil springs and formed wire products requires capabilities that are diverse in operations and materials while holding down tooling costs. Wire sizes from 0.008" to 0.750" can be accommodated to form compression, extension, torsion and double torsion springs. Wire forms, assemblies and small stampings can also be produced from the latest in CNC equipment. Production speeds vary from 250/hr to 1100/hr.

These products can be made from music wire, stainless steel (300 series, 400 series and 17-7PH), chrome vanadium, chrome silicon, hard drawn, oil tempered, beryllium copper, brass, phosphor bronze and some exotic metals.

The complete spring and wire-form service produces parts for aerospace, automobile, agriculture, appliance, electronic, marine and medical industries with a full complement of operations. It is important to provide a range of finishes, which should include plated, painted, peened, passivated, black oxided, Teflon coated, E-Koted and electropolished. A customized packaging service makes handling more efficient and helps customers' assembly functions in processing and cost cutting.

Other vital services should include customized stocking programs, engineering services, emergency response, just-in-time deliveries and runs from 1 to 2 pieces up to production quantities of millions. Additional secondary operations should also include grinding and tumbling.

Another major consideration in assessing a source of springs and wire forms should be the company's quality program. State-of-the-art inspection equipment, use of Statistical Process Control (SPC) methods and ability to comply with military standards are essential.

This technical information has been contributed by
Bloomingburg Spring & Wire Form

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