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Metal Stampings, Shims and Assemblies

Products classified from simple stampings to complex assemblies are used by medical, commercial, aerospace, electrical, automotive and defense industries. They can be generated in production quantities, short runs or in miniature types.

Because of the sophisticated applications in which these products are used, they must be manufactured under strict quality methods such as Statistical Process Control (SPC) or similar Total Quality Management (TQM) techniques. Highly accurate dies and quick-change punch press tools are requisites for the expected tolerances within 0.001". Notching, high-speed progressive dies in steel and carbide, and special tooling are essential.

Specifically, these products include electrical laminations and laminated shims. Electrical laminations come in full circle types in a range of diameters to 35", segmented laminations and special versions. They are applied to rotors, stators and end laminations. All AISI grades are used to produce these products. Standard and thin gauge electrical steels, nickel alloys, cobalt alloys, insulators and special materials such as carbon and stainless steels are employed.

Shims also come in a variety of types. They are solid, laminated, loose-leaf, edge bonded and tapered. Additionally, they can fully laminated or part solid. Shims offer designers a simple, economical solution for close assembly tolerances and improved product liability. The Engineered Products Group of Alinabal Inc. manufacturers Laminum shims. Difficult to manufacture, they are available in brass, steel, aluminum, stainless steel, titanium and Kapton. Also offered in sheet form, these laminated shims are comprised of layers 0.001", 0.002", and 0.003" metal foils or composites with microscopically bonded surfaces. They meet Military and AMS requirements. This laminated shim stock is noted for high-peel characteristics and consistency in field installation.

Kapton is a registered trademark of Du Pont
Laminum is a registered trademark of Lamsco West

This technical information has been contributed by
Alinabal, Inc.

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