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Company Awarded U.S. Patent for Strapless Tote Seal

POMONA, N.Y.--Cambridge Security Seals (CSS), a Pomona, N.Y.-based manufacturer of tamper-resistant and loss prevention seals, was recently awarded a patent by the U.S. Patent and Trademarks Office for the design of a Strapless Tote Seal (product # CSS-STS) that can be used in a broad array of box and tote sealing applications. By sealing a tote without the use of a strap, the Strapless Tote Seal is said to eliminate the most common source of seal-breakage in high-impact sealed tote environments.

According to Brian Lyle, vice president of sales and marketing at CSS, the patent is indicative of CSS's determination to develop updated and enhanced solutions for common, unresolved security seal issues. He said that the Strapless Tote Seal was conceived of and designed specifically to meet the challenges set forth by some of the industry's largest seal users.

"Companies engage Cambridge Security Seals because they understand our commitment to work with them to meet their individual needs," said Lyle in a statement. "Our line of tote security products now includes fixed length, adjustable length, and strapless seals, each customizable to meet the operational, tracking, and security requirements of virtually any customer or application."

Cambridge Security Seals offers an extensive line of tamper evident, tamper resistant, and high-security loss prevention seals to customers across a wide range of industries, including freight, logistics, distribution, trucking, retail, cash handling, airlines, rail transportation, government, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, medical, and agriculture. The company claims to be the fastest growing security seal company in the United States.

"While other seals companies have been focused on acquisitions, cost-cutting, plant shutdowns, layoffs, production delays, and offshoring of production, CSS has quietly and effectively built a U.S. manufacturing and development operation that fosters customer-centric innovation while reducing both lead-times and costs," said Elisha Tropper, CEO of Cambridge Security Seals.

The company employs a diversified team of technical experts and business professionals, including experienced engineering, design, production, and logistics specialists. Its blend of management and production expertise enables CSS to provide what it calls "an unmatched level of value."

This technical information has been contributed by
Cambridge Security Seals

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