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Sunburst Electronics Adds Production Line for Surface Mount Applications

Fabricating Printed Circuit Boards

Investment in New Equipment Anticipates Growth in Defense and Medical Markets

ERIE, Pa.--Sunburst Electronics, a contract manufacturer of electronic controls based in Erie, Pa., has increased its capacity and printed circuit board production capabilities via a major capital equipment purchase, the company announced recently. The company, which anticipates growing its business in the military, medical, and other high-reliability markets this year, has added a full-service MYDATAR production line for surface mount applications.

Sunburst's new production line reportedly uses numerous state-of-the-art technologies, including a Linescan Vision System and advanced-level software, and is said to be capable of mounting exceptionally small, complex components with very high degrees of accuracy. The new equipment also permits faster production speeds, as well as extended board handling and component ranges.

"Sunburst's latest capital equipment investment reflects our commitment to meeting the changing technology needs of our customers in high-reliability electronics industries," said Kevin McDonough, vice president of sales and marketing at Sunburst. "Additionally, this investment is part of Sunburst's strategy to proactively plan for growth slated for 2009 and beyond."

Sunburst Electronics specializes in developing electronic assemblies--printed circuit boards, chassis assembly, cables, and harnesses--for medical devices/equipment, aerospace/aeronautics, military applications, process controls and instrumentation, industrial equipment, measurement systems, and transportation. The company's J-STD-001 facility is said to adhere to stringent standards spanning defect and process control, inspection methodology, and process verification inspection, and is well equipped to serve the military and other high-reliability electronics markets, such as aerospace, medical equipment, and telecommunications. ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485 certified, Sunburst is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bliley Technologies (, a manufacturer of quartz crystals and crystal oscillators used in the telecommunications, military, and space industries.

This technical information has been contributed by
Sunburst Electronics

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