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Types of Fasteners



Concrete Screw, Conical, Double Expansion, Drop-In, Lead, Hammer Drive, Hollow Wall, Machine Screw, Nail-In, Nylon, Plastic, Screw-In, Single Expansion, Sleeve, Split Drive, Threshhold, Tie Wire, Toggle Wing, Wallboard, Wedge.


Hex, Phillips, Pozidrive, Reduced Phillips, Power, Slotted, Square Recess, Torx.


Bent, Carriage, Elevator, Flange, Frame, Galvanized, Hanger, Hex Head, Hex Machine, Hook, Lag, Plow, Square Head, Step, Stove, Structural, Tap, Track, U, J.

Clinch Studs

Self-Clinching, Hardened Steel, Stainless.


Cap, Captive, Castellated, Conduit, Coupling, Crown, Flange, Flat Steel Spring, Grade 5, Grade 8, Heavy, Hex, Jam, Keps, K-Lock, Lock, Machine Screw, Metric (Class 6, 8, 10), Military, Nylon Insert, Open-End Cap, Panel, Self-Clinching, Serrated Flange, Slotted, Small Pattern Hex, Spring (Flat, J, U), Structural, Tee, Thin, Two-Way Reversible Lock, Weld, Wing (Stamped, Forged).

Panel Fasteners, Retractable

Captive, Flare-In, Press-In.


Bent Arm, Clevis, Cotter, Dowel, Grooved, Headless, Knurled, Spring, Taper, Threaded Taper.

Pipe Plugs

Dry Seal Socket, Flush-Seating Socket.

Retaining Rings

Clip E Ring, External, Internal Retaining Ring, Installation Tools.


Blind, Brazier Drive, Brazier Masonry, Closed-End, Countersunk, Large Flange, Liner, Low Profile, Multi-Grip, Pin, Semi-Tubular Oval, Solid, Universal Drive.


Cap, Deck, Dowel, Drywall (Bugle, Trim), Metric, Flange, Floorboard, Fully-Threaded, Grade 2, Grade 5, Grade 8, High-Low, Lag, Machine, Metric, Military, Particle Board, Phillips, Plastite, Self-Drilling, Self-Piercing, Self-Tapping, Sems (Cone, External, Internal, Split), Sheet-Metal, Shoulder, Slotted Flat Cap, Socket Cap, Socket Set, Socket Shoulder, Thread-Cutting, Thread-Rolling, Thumb, Torx, U-Drive, Weld, Wing, Wood.

Spacers & Standoffs

Hex, Round, Square, Hinged, Swage, Male, Female, Male-Female, Male-Male.


Combination External/Internal Tooth Lock, Cone, Countersunk, External Tooth Lock, Fender, Flat, Hot-Dipped Galvanized, Heavy Split Lock, High-Collar Split Lock, Internal Tooth Lock, Leveling, Machine Screw, Medium Split Lock, Metric, Military Machine Screw, Military Split Lock, SAE Flat, Split Lock, Structural, Through-Hardened, USS Flat, Wave.

This technical information has been contributed by
Electronic Fasteners

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