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Validation Tool Offers Improved Performance for Validating CAD Models, Managing Change

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MARLBOROUGH, Mass.--Validation ToolTM Version 9, officially released by Kubotek 3D this spring, is a 3D model validation software that uses unique mathematical algorithms to compare CAD files "significantly faster and more precisely than other similar comparison software on the market," according to Kubotek 3D. Validation Tool 9.0 adds multiple enhancements to its performance features, including file format and annotation readers, assembly file comparison and management, and further reporting capabilities. In addition, the company says, new functionality allows for the automated creation of comprehensive change order reports in Microsoft® PowerPoint® format.

Validation Tool 9.0 adds the optional ability to read product manufacturing information (PMI), including Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T) and other annotations from popular CAD programs. The addition of two popular file format readers, including JTTM, gives users the ability to validate additional sets of 3D data that are commonly used. According to Kubotek, these enhancements further the company's commitment to provide "more comprehensive design comparisons and validation in a CAD neutral environment."

"Kubotek has been hard at work developing new features in direct response to customer requests," said Bob Bean, executive vice president, Kubotek 3D. "Validation Tool now handles very large files and assemblies quickly, thanks to a new 'caching capability,' multi-threading, and multi-core support. In addition, changes to PMI are detected and reported so all information, including geometry and detailing in MBD (Model Based Definition) files, can be validated and managed."

Enhanced reporting attributes and assembly comparison improvements, including the addition of new functionality, are said to expand the options in which users can compare assemblies to locate or verify differences within the data sets. Additionally, larger files and more complex assemblies can be compared, giving users complete control over their validation criteria and reporting. As a direct result of Validation Tool 9.0 technology enhancements, undetected translation changes and design revisions can be caught before costly manufacturing errors occur.

As part of the newly released Validation Tool 9.0, Kubotek 3D recently announced that it is now officially offering the Validation Tool ECO product, said to offer new functionality for the automated creation of comprehensive engineering change order (ECO) reports. The addition of the ECO reporting allows users to simply and quickly document all changes to 3D models, including product manufacturing information (PMI) with a Microsoft® PowerPoint® report.

Validation Tool ECO builds on a powerful model comparison engine and directly addresses the challenges of communicating design revisions, the company says. The Validation Tool ECO product is said to give users "extremely flexible reporting capabilities that can quickly document known, undetected or inaccurately communicated design changes."

"Managing change to 3D models is very challenging because the 3D Model Based Definition (MBD) process does not contain dimensions, views, or sections," continued Bean. "Internal changes and external changes, like those that occur in the supply chain, can go undetected, causing errors and delays. Kubotek is the only supplier of this technology that uses a true geometric kernel for geometric comparison with feature discovery to detect and document changes to 3D designs. What this means to the customer is fast, accurate, and complete detection and documentation of any and all changes."

Kubotek ( is confident that companies that perform design reviews or who must resubmit job bids based on design revisions will see immediate business advantages to using Validation Tool ECO. By eliminating costly manufacturing errors before they occur, and by more accurately re-quoting actual changes to the 3D model, Kubotek says that businesses can confidently move design revisions in production and increase revenue.

This technical information has been contributed by
Kubotek 3D

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