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Owner says veterans and American manufacturing go hand-in-hand

SANFORD, Fla.–A Florida-based used CNC machine dealer wants to help veterans considering careers in manufacturing with a new scholarship program called Veteran to Machinist.

Last December, announced it would award three $1,000 scholarships to veterans who want to pursue careers as machinists. To qualify, veterans simply submit copies of their record of service (DD214), along with a 1,000-word essay on why they want to become a machinist, to

One scholarship was awarded in February and another is pending for March. A third will be awarded in April. The winner will be announced on April 16.

“We want to help veterans start 2019 on a positive and hopeful note and are offering these scholarships toward that goal,” said Curt Doherty, founder and CEO of, in a press release. “There are too many stories these days of the consequences of mental healthcare shortfalls for those vets re-entering their communities, and we think the hope of a meaningful career and a helping hand to get there can, at least in a small way, be of value.

“I know two things. First, a shortage of skilled labor is the biggest challenge that American manufacturers face. Second, our veterans have the transferable skills, work ethic, and integrity that are a perfect fit for the industry,” added Doherty.

That viewpoint is shared by the Manufacturing Institute, which determined in its publication, From Military Front Lines to Manufacturing Front Lines: Veterans and Your Workforce, that ex-military personnel make excellent manufacturing workers. The report specifically calls out certain traits that veterans typically possess that meld well in the manufacturing industry. These include the ability to readily learn new skills and concepts; leadership skills; understanding of the value of teamwork; performing well under pressure; respect for procedures; and being attuned to global and technological trends, as well as health and safety standards.

The natural fit of veterans with manufacturing has also been cited by other military and manufacturing organizations, including, the largest online military and veteran membership organization with more than 10 million members.

“As a company, we want to help the American manufacturing industry, and will continue to do what we can to ensure its strong future,” said Doherty. “If there is any group who I believe can make the biggest difference and help achieve that, it’s our United States veterans.”

A scholarship application can be found here:

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