Plastics Perforating

Standard perforating usually involves uniform patterns of standard-size holes punched all across the sheet or coil. Perforation patterns include round, square, hexagon, slot or decorative. Custom perforating can easily vary the distance between the holes and provide perforations in almost any size, shape and arrangement: curved patterns, parts with irregular hole spacing, designs within designs, intermittent solid areas, decorative effects and much more. Blank areas can be easily produced for functional or decorative purposes, such as mounting holes or attaching brand nameplates, identification tags or instruction plates.

Plastics used can range in size from 0.008" to 1" thick, sheets up to 18 feet in length, and many special shapes. A rule of thumb is that the hole dimension should be greater than or equal to the thickness of the material, typically from .010" to 9" diameter. KEYWORDS for this process: perforators

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