Two Shot Injection Molding Plastics

This emerging technology produces a part with two different raw materials or colors in a single operation. The machine has two injection units: one vertical and one horizontal. By using a rotating mold, the machine automatically produces a substrate of one resin or color and overmolds the part with the second resin or color. Most raw materials can be used. The resin is in pellet form before processing. Piece prices are generally quite low. As with traditional injection tooling, mold costs are high. The tools have moving parts.

An advantage of two shot injection molding is that insert molding and complex secondary operations are eliminated. Painting (which can rub off) is also eliminated. Strong substrates can be molded with soft-feel materials on the outside. Two-color applications can enhance appearance. Typical usages include handles, triggers, knobs, dials and switches. KEYWORDS for this process: molders, two-shot, moulds, moulding, moulders, molds

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