Gas Assist Molded Plastics

Gas assist is an enhancement to the basic process of injection molding. Gas assist processing is simply the injection of a second fluid into a partially filled tool cavity, much in the same way the two-shot process operates. In this case, the second fluid is a gas rather than resin. The gas injection phase completes the filling of the cavity, and packs the molded part more uniformly from internal channels, rather than from pressure points at the resin gate location.

Gas assist's primary benefits result from cost reduction due to productivity enhancements through increased output, reduced resin consumption, and reduction of design constraints. KEYWORDS for this process: gas assist plastic molders, gas-assist plastic molders, gas assist molding, gas-assist molding, gas assist molders, gas-assist molders, gas-assist plastic molding, gas assist plastic molding, gas assist plastic injection molding, gas-assist plastic injection molding, gas assist plastic injection molders, gas-assist plastic injection molders, moulds, moulding, moulders, molds

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