Dip Molded Plastics

Dip molding is a process where a mold or part is dipped into a polymer for dip molding or dip coating a part. This dip molding process is used to make items such as surgeons gloves and hand tool handles. Plastisol is the most common dip molding material, but latex, neoprene, urethane, and other materials are also used in dip molding.

With dip molding a heated metal tool, shaped to the internal dimensions of the required part, is immersed into a tank of cold liquid PVC (polyvinyl chloride), or plastisol. The tool is removed from the dip tank, carrying with it a coating of plastisol. The coated metal tooling is then placed in an oven for curing. After cooling, the plastisol part is removed from the metal tooling as a finished product. KEYWORDS for this process: mould, moulded, moulding, moulder, molder

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