Plastics - Sheet, Rod & Tube

Plastic tubing is constructed of many different plastic compounds for flow lines for fluids and gases in pneumatic, hydraulic, process, medical and many other specialized applications. Tubing can be flexible or rigid, depending on the material and its purpose. Application, dimensions, performance specifications, material, features, and color are all important parameters to consider when specifying plastic tubing.

Common applications for plastic tubing include general purpose, aerospace, general chemical, corrosive or solvent chemical, coolant, cryogenic, food processing, high temperature or heating fluids, high viscosity, hydraulic fluid, marine, medical or pharmaceutical, oil or fuel, peristaltic pumping, pneumatic or compressed air, vacuum pneumatic, refrigerant, sanitary, slurry, and water. KEYWORDS for this process: plastic tube, PVC tubing, clear plastic tube, clear plastic tubing, plastic tube packaging, plastic tube manufacturer, plastic square tubing, square plastic tubing, plastic storage tube, fitting plastic tube, candy plastic tube, cosmetic plastic tube, plastic tube fitting, plastic plug tube

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