Thermoset Plastic Extrusion

The process of extruding has been compared to squeezing toothpaste from a tube where the paste takes the shape of the tube opening. A billet of heated thermoset is placed in the extrusion press and is forced under pressure through a die. The die may contain one or more openings having the desired finished cross section. Limitations on length of parts are the result of the weight of the extrusion billet and/or capacity of the down stream extrusion equipment.

Thermosetting plastics (thermosets) are polymer materials that cure, through the addition of energy, to a stronger form. Thermoset materials are usually liquid, powder, or malleable prior to curing. Thermoset materials are generally stronger than thermoplastic materials and are also better suited to high-temperature applications up to the decomposition temperature of the material. They do not lend themselves to recycling like thermoplastics, which can be melted and re-molded.

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