Roll Forming

Roll forming is the process of bending a continuous strip of metal through a series of shaped rolls. The process gradually forms metal into a pre-determined shape. The machinery incorporates a cut-off system, which cuts the metal to an exact length. The nature of forming metal by this process allows for very tight tolerances to be met and maintained.

Strength and function are added to metal through custom roll forming. The marketplace of custom shaped roll formed sections has expanded into virtually every field, replacing extrusions, brake forming and punch press operations in areas such as the aircraft industry, architectural industry, electronics, and the automotive industry.

The roll forming process is highly efficient as the metal is continuously formed. Any number of other operations may be performed while the metal is taking shape. They may include punching, tabbing, perforating, knurling, edge conditioning, and curving. KEYWORDS for this process: rollforming, stainless, steel, aluminum, brass, galvanized, copper, alloys, channels, angles, profiles, rings, edgings, slats, rails, railings, rims, z-bars, z bars, hat posts, slides, panels, strips, DIN, cable trays, busbars, wireways, clamp bands, busduct, raceways, louvers, lockseam, openseam, splitseam, mouldings, tubing

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