Thread Rolling

Threadrolling is a simple cold forging process for producing threads on cylindrical or conical workpieces. The helical threads are produced by displacing or rearranging the blank material rather than by removing material, as in threadcutting or grinding. Production rates for rolling are generally higher than the rates for cutting or grinding, and the threads produced have improved strength and fatigue properties, the surface finish produced is good, and the work-hardened surface often provides additional advantages.

Rolled threads have improved physical properties and surface finish compared with those provided by other production methods; in addition they provide material savings and in many cases lower production costs. The cold working which takes place in roll forming produces a work-hardened surface with an increase of up to 10% in tensile strength. In addition, because of the surface hardness and excellent finish, wear characteristics and antigalling properties are greatly improved. Additional advantages include improved shear strength and increase fatigue life of up to ten times that provided by cut or ground threads.

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