Tube Bending & Fabricating

Designing parts to permit manufacture from tubing, or tubing in conjunction with other material forms, can provide dramatic cost reductions. At the same time, quality and function of parts can be improved. Tubular parts can provide structural integrity superior to that achievable with solid cylindrical and most shaped sectional elements. There is virtually no fabrication operation that cannot be performed on small diameter metal tubing while maintaining rigid tolerances. In addition, tubular parts can simultaneously provide functional utility for transmission of liquids, gases, wiring and other functions.

Generally speaking, tubular components should be seriously considered where: difficult miniature shapes are required; close tolerances are essential; reduced size or weight is desirable; maximum electrical and mechanical properties are required; smooth, burr-free surface finishes are needed; reducing materials waste would significantly reduce costs; alternate production methods require expensive machining or finishing operations; and a specific alloy is essential because of the particular application.

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