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How to Design Metal Stampings
Things We've Learned From Years Making Metal Stampings

Table of Contents

1. Problem Solving Is The First Step Toward Better Metal Stampings
2. Blank Design
3. Piercing Round Holes
4. Definition of Punched Holes
5. Specification and Measurement of Punched Holes
6. Recommended Minimum Ratios of Punched Hole Diameters To Stock Thickness
7. Piercing - Adjacent To Bends
8. Definition and Limits of Extruded Holes
9. Specifications and Measurement of Formed Parts
10. Position of the Form
11. Height of Form
12. Edge Conditions of Formed Parts
13. Styles of Embossing
14. Specifications and Measurement of Embossed Parts
15. Recommended Limits of Embossed Parts
16. Specification and Characteristics of Drawn Parts
17. Edge Condition of Drawn Parts
18. Surface and Characteristic Conditions of Drawn Shapes
19. Measurement and Limits of Flatness
20. Dimensioning Practices for Turret Press
21. Dimensioning Practices for Press Brake
22. Laser Cutting
23. Laser Operation
24. Laser Considerations
25. Laser Dimensioning Practices
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